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<HalfBreed15 has joined chat>

<LittleRedSpark has joined chat>

LittleRedSpark: so youve talked to banshee i hear

HalfBreed15: I didn’t think she’d tell you that.

HalfBreed15: I would have done the same thing, if I were in her position.

LittleRedSpark: yeah you seem the type

LittleRedSpark: what with the specialty in protection

HalfBreed15: And spirits.

HalfBreed15: For now.

HalfBreed15: With any luck Napoleon might be able to teach me a few tricks.

HalfBreed15: I’m looking into scrying.

LittleRedSpark: whoa i heard thats hard

LittleRedSpark: can napoleon do it

HalfBreed15: To a point.

HalfBreed15: The principles of past, present, and future scrying are all the same though.

HalfBreed15: I just need a little help with the basics.

LittleRedSpark: damn

LittleRedSpark: i guess i know who to call if i need any help reading the future

HalfBreed15: Maybe. We’ll see how my training goes first.

LittleRedSpark: i believe in you

LittleRedSpark: so do you create your own spells or what?

LittleRedSpark: like how did you get into what youre doin

LittleRedSpark: was it the shinigami?

HalfBreed15: No. I don’t think Soul Society is even aware of human magicks.

HalfBreed15: It was by chance, really. I got a job in a handy shop, and the owner happened to be a practitioner.

HalfBreed15: She specializes in ink magic, mostly. If she can draw it, she can do it.

LittleRedSpark: oh thats cool

LittleRedSpark: so shes your mentor?

HalfBreed15: After a fashion. She taught me the basics. Protection was just a personal interest that worked out.

HalfBreed15: I’m pretty good with elemental stuff, too, though I use it less.

HalfBreed15: There’s no real need.

LittleRedSpark: thats cool

LittleRedSpark: i had to do it on my own

LittleRedSpark: the guy who does magic in the area took a vow not to pick a side

LittleRedSpark: and i picked a side so

LittleRedSpark: he wont teach me

HalfBreed15: I’m sure you could find another tutor if you wanted.

LittleRedSpark: nah i do just fine on my own

LittleRedSpark: its more fun when i have to research myself

LittleRedSpark: besides if he was teaching me hed try to limit me

LittleRedSpark: hes terrified i might go dark side

HalfBreed15: What, like blood magic?

LittleRedSpark: who knows

LittleRedSpark: i mean ive looked into it

LittleRedSpark: but im a curious guy

LittleRedSpark: knowing is not the same as using

LittleRedSpark: i like to keep informed

HalfBreed15: I can understand that. But you realize how it looks to an outsider.

HalfBreed15: Particularly one who sees himself as a mediator.

LittleRedSpark: how do you know hes a mediator?

HalfBreed15: He sounds like the type.

HalfBreed15: At the very least, keeping himself separate from both sides only means he can exercise his own will.

HalfBreed15: Those people are the most dangerous, unless you know their ethics.

LittleRedSpark: i like you

HalfBreed15: Thank you.

LittleRedSpark: what are your ethics?

HalfBreed15: Keep my people safe.

LittleRedSpark: any means necessary?

HalfBreed15: Any means necessary.

LittleRedSpark: even if its technically evil?

HalfBreed15: What constitutes as evil?

LittleRedSpark: idk

LittleRedSpark: mass murder

LittleRedSpark: enslavement

LittleRedSpark: cant really think of anything else

HalfBreed15: I doubt it would ever come to that.

HalfBreed15: People seem to like me if I can talk to them.

HalfBreed15: Unagiya thinks I might have some latent persuasive ability.

LittleRedSpark: so spirits protections and persuasion

LittleRedSpark: scrying soon to be added

LittleRedSpark: oh and didnt you mention something about elements?

HalfBreed15: Yeah. Only fire and earth, though.

HalfBreed15: Water is hard, and air is iffy at best.

LittleRedSpark: youve got a lot of skills

LittleRedSpark: what do you plan to do with all of it?

HalfBreed15: No idea. Right now I mostly help Unagiya on jobs.

HalfBreed15: When I have the time I sell protective jewelry at a market a few towns over.

HalfBreed15: I’ve blessed a few houses.

HalfBreed15: Mostly I’m finding things to do during idle hours.

LittleRedSpark: by attempting to master difficult spellcraft

LittleRedSpark: i can respect that

HalfBreed15: What about you? What’re your preferred magicks?

LittleRedSpark: well im pretty good with certain weather magic

LittleRedSpark: i handled that poltergeist thing a little while back

LittleRedSpark: im a decent hand at illusions

LittleRedSpark: in theory i can talk to plants

LittleRedSpark: theyre not very good conversationalists though

HalfBreed15: That’s amazing.

LittleRedSpark: thanks

LittleRedSpark: mostly im just protecting my town rn

LittleRedSpark: with any luck i’ll be out of here soon though

LittleRedSpark: this place is fucking crazy

HalfBreed15: I understand. I’m quite certain Karakura was built on a Hellmouth of some sort.

HalfBreed15: The strangest things happen here.

HalfBreed15: And for no reason.

LittleRedSpark: Exactly!

HalfBreed15: Where would you go?

LittleRedSpark: my mom had a house in poland

LittleRedSpark: technically it’s mine now

HalfBreed15: That’s nice.

LittleRedSpark: right?

LittleRedSpark: i already know the language and ive got a few cousins around there, so id be set

LittleRedSpark: id have a home base and be able to travel all over

HalfBreed15: I’ve been thinking similarly.

HalfBreed15: I think I could live comfortably handling the occasional IEA job and selling my stuff.

LittleRedSpark: probably the iea pays well

HalfBreed15: They opened an account for me because I keep solving things for people.

HalfBreed15: The bank sent me a statement the other day.

LittleRedSpark: how much?

HalfBreed15: More than I deserve.

LittleRedSpark: think of all the stuff you could buy at comic con!

HalfBreed15: I could buy Comic Con.

LittleRedSpark: thats the spirit!

HalfBreed15: On the subject of spirits…

HalfBreed15: Have you heard any lore of human things harmful to them?

LittleRedSpark: salt

LittleRedSpark: iron

LittleRedSpark: holy water, but that depends on what kind of spirit

LittleRedSpark: sage

LittleRedSpark: burning the remains will kill them, i think

LittleRedSpark: why?

HalfBreed15: I was testing out a new design for a pair of glasses.

HalfBreed15: They were supposed to help me see beyond the human world.

HalfBreed15: I discovered I had three shinigami tailing me.

LittleRedSpark: shit what did you do?

HalfBreed15: Banished two of them.

HalfBreed15: Apparently the spell didn’t work the way I thought it did, because rather than return them to Soul Society, it opened a door to hell and dragged them in.

HalfBreed15: The spell is supposed to keep spirits from entering your land.

HalfBreed15: I guess that’s how?

LittleRedSpark: thats really intense

LittleRedSpark: wheres the third guy?

HalfBreed15: Unagiya let me put him in the basement.

HalfBreed15: For experimental purposes.

LittleRedSpark: youre okay with that?

HalfBreed15: He threatened my family if I didn’t let him go.

LittleRedSpark: oh nm fuckin kill him

HalfBreed15: I will.

HalfBreed15: Eventually.

HalfBreed15: Like I said, I’m trying to figure out what works.

HalfBreed15: Actually, I should probably get started soon...

LittleRedSpark: i wont stop you

LittleRedSpark: have fun

LittleRedSpark: leave no trace

HalfBreed15: Words to live by.

<HalfBreed15 has left chat>

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